Brandscope | A Crunchy Case Study

Brandscope Improves Performance by Migrating to Crunchy Bridge

Queries from 100 seconds to 10

Brandscope is a business to business ecommerce platform that employs state of the art digital technologies based on proven wholesale techniques. Using the Brandscope platform, businesses can market and sell multiple brands for the wholesale marketplace and are supported by retailers globally.

Brandscope teamed up with the Crunchy Data customers teams in Australia to migrate from AWS RDS to Crunchy Bridge earlier this year and have been enjoying the increased hands-on support and expertise from our 24/7 available team.

Struggling with RDS

While using the RDS platform, the Brandscope team found it difficult to make improvements because of a lack of transparency. They were struggling with unexplained IO and CPU spikes and the only solution appeared to be larger and more expensive instances. Brandscope was digging into machine sizing, memory usage, and query performance but weren’t able to get assistance they needed to resolve things.

Brandscope began looking for a longer term solution and began engaging with Crunchy Data engineers. After some initial conversations, it became clear they would need some hands-on database assistance in addition to managed hosting. Brandscope was able to leverage Crunchy engineers to take on a project to optimize performance. Crunchy architects started by taking a set of the longest queries/arrays taking on average 100 seconds. With some Postgres tools, Crunchy was able to get that same set to lower than 10 seconds on average. That’s a really big performance improvement!

This kind of performance improvement gives Brandscope a trusted vendor in the future to rely on for their database needs.

We’re going to have to scale in the future and I’m glad I don’t have to worry about looking for new experts.

Bryan (Hec) HeenanBrandscope Founder/Director

Flawless migration

Crunchy was able to work with Brandscope to set up replication processes to get data moved over, ahead of a production change. The actual downtime ended up being less than three minutes.

Since migrating to Crunchy Bridge, Brandscope has been able to feel more comfortable that its database is handled by Postgres experts and that when issues arise, they will be handled promptly and with full transparency. The Brandscope team has been able to focus its developer resources elsewhere, knowing that the Crunchy team is there whenever needed.

Having access to support with Crunchy Bridge has seemed much more personal. Whenever our team has raised a ticket, they’ve received a great experience.

Bryan (Hec) Heenan

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