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Whether deploying on your own bare metal, in VMs, inside Kubernetes, or looking to offload to a managed service provider we can help.

Fully-managed PostgreSQL by the experts at Crunchy Data

Ready to launch on the provider of your choice (AWS, Azure, GCP) with plans starting at $10/mo.

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* On-demand billing in hourly increments (i.e. use an hour, pay for only an hour)
Prices are all-inclusive (i.e. infrastucture, backups, and data transfer)


Deployed on the cloud of your choice

Machine costs included

Performance-tuned deployments

Single tenant and private networking

Fully Managed

Continuous protection

Point-in-time recovery

Monitoring 24x7 by Crunchy team

Automated Backups at no-cost

Team management with access controls


SOC2 Type 2

SSO enforcement included

HIPAA Compliant

Built-in audit logs

Encryption at rest

Encryption in transit

Connect to your virtual private network

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