Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes

Software + Support

We serve the world's largest Postgres installations in Kubernetes. Deploy with an operator that's easy to use and ready to scale to thousands of pods.

Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes is built on PGO, the Postgres operator from Crunchy Data

PGO on Github (2404)

Production ready Postgres out of the box

Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes orchestrates a complete toolkit for enterprise-class PostgreSQL. All packaged in an easy to install and configure operator.

Certified Crunchy Postgres

Disaster recovery & backup management

Performance & health monitoring

Secure connections using TLS / SSL

Connection management & pooling

High availability & business continuity

Fast, easy deployments

Zero-downtime software updates

Performance metrics & dashboards

Streamline your database operations

Start simply and scale infinitely

Create, scale, and manage production ready Kubernetes Postgres databases. Only a few commands required to be up, running, and ingesting data. With PGO, provision a new database in seconds. Create your own internal database-as-a-service using robust controls.

High availability, disaster recovery

Recovery time optimized for very large databases and prioritizes fast recovery times. RPO and RTO in seconds. Fully supports HA and DR for Postgres deployments spanning multiple Kubernetes clusters.

Efficiency with streaming replication

Make use of native Postgres streaming replication to solve data latency and geographic redundancy. Make your data available wherever your users are. Bring data to your edge computing workflows. Easily enable multi-cloud or hybrid cloud services.

Rolling upgrades for minor and major versions

Gone are the days of downtime, restores, and migrations to get on a new PostgreSQL version. Zero-downtime software upgrades mean security patches, minor upgrades, and major upgrades can be deployed seamlessly using rolling updates that minimize disruption to applications and services.

Declarative & GitOps Ready

Tied into the native Kubernetes ecosystem and built for GitOps, Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes, makes it easy to deploy with your existing tools. Define Postgres deployment specifications, launch, and connect applications to your data. Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes empowers declarative management of databases using Kustomize, OLM, ArgoCD, and Helm.

Try our one line install directly from the OCI repository

helm install pgo oci://

  • Kustomize