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Customers migrating from Heroku to Crunchy Bridge generally see a cost savings when using the exact same resources. Further on the exact same resources they often see performance improvements in cases up to 5x performance for the same spend.

Flexible pricing

With Heroku Postgres your cost of storage is coupled to the instance size. With Crunchy Bridge those are detangled. Need 2TB of storage but a small instance? No problem. Both instances and storage on Crunchy Bridge scale far above what is available on Heroku Postgres.


Crunchy Bridge will give you better performance out of the box, and when leveraging things like forks or followers you'll see significantly faster creation time.


Crunchy Bridge gives you extra security for your database by having no shared user roles. Full audit logs of every activity make compliance easier and you don't need premium to run in a shield database to achieve HIPAA compliance


Bridge is fully supported by the team that runs the service, no outsourcing, and no pushing you off to the community. You have a question the team is here to help. Premium support is available, but we believe you shouldn't have to pay for support when you're trusting us with your data.


Heroku was one of the first database as a service providers. Predating Amazons RDS Postgres by over 5 years, and the team behind Crunchy Bridge is that same original team. With Crunchy Bridge you're not taking a risk, you can rest easy with the team that's done it before behind you.


Size doesn't matter. You can migrate databases as large as they come on Heroku to us with less than 10 minutes of downtime.

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