Crunchy Postgres for Finance

Our trusted PostgreSQL provides ideal solutions for deployment of secure, resilient Postgres for companies in the financial sector with solutions to fit a variety of sizes, configurations, and compliance requirements. Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL is deployed across financial services, banks, exchanges, insurance companies, lenders, funds, and other financial and technical companies across the globe.

Engineered for compliance and security

3 out of 5 Top U.S. banks choose Crunchy Data

All Crunchy Data products are backed by our certified Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL distribution. Crunchy PostgreSQL solutions have been engineered with security and compliance in mind. In 2018, in collaboration with the Center for Internet Security, Crunchy Data co-authored the PostgreSQL CIS Benchmark describing how PostgreSQL can be configured and deployed to meet security requirements for their systems. In 2021, Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL received Common Criteria certification at the EAL 2+ level for the commercially supported distribution of PostgreSQL 12.

Read about our success working with one of Canada's Top 6 Banks.


Crunchy Certified Postgres provides both compliance and security

Always-on data solutions

Crunchy Data's solutions for financial services offer production-ready high availability clusters. They have built-in failover management and failover times (rpo/rto) in seconds. With self-healing clusters you cannot beat our reliability and performance.

Crunchy Data supports the open-source community

Open source support

Financial institutions around the world are embracing the power and efficiency of open source over proprietary databases. Crunchy Data supports clients on their evaluation and adoption of open source Postgres technology at any scale in their organization.

We are the industry leading partner you're looking for

Crunchy Data is a leading contributor to the PostgreSQL development project and a number of PostgreSQL ecosystem projects through our team of PostgreSQL Major Contributors, Committers and Core Team members. Choosing Crunchy Data as your partner in open-source gives you the industry leading edge in adopting open source software on modern infrastructure.

Deployment flexibility


Hosting your applications in the cloud can help implement cost reduction strategies. Crunchy Data's cloud managed Crunchy Bridge is an ideal solution for Postgres backed applications. Cloud managed services include support, backups, DR, and HA out of the box. Bridge offers deployment on AWS, Azure, and GCP with network peering to your other devices.


If you're looking to bring Postgres to containers in a cloud native approach, look at our Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes offering. Crunchy PostgreSQL is delivered through the PGO, the Postgres Operator from Crunchy Data. PGO brings production grade Kubernetes to Postgres with fully automated scripting, high availability, and 24x7 support.

Traditional infrastructure

Whether you're hosting on VMs, in a data center, or on-prem, our Crunchy High Availability PostgreSQL is a great solution with built in high availability, backups, and monitoring in a completely automated deployment solution.

Crunchy Data supports the open-source community

Reduce Your Oracle dependency

Crunchy Data often works with clients looking to reduce their dependence on proprietary databases such as Oracle. We offer Postgres DBA training packages alongside our subscriptions. We have staff with Oracle migration experience and support clients with PostgreSQL migration by offering architecture and technical advice for the journey.

Crunchy Data supports the open-source community

Deployment automation

Many of our financial industry clients are deploying applications at scale. Crunchy Data's solutions are optimized for automation in a consistent and secure manner and some scenarios running internal database-as-a-service.

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