Fully Managed Postgres for Kubernetes with Crunchy Bridge

Craig Kerstiens

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Whether you are starting a new development project, launching an application modernization effort, or engaging in digital transformation, chances are you are evaluating Kubernetes. If you selected Kubernetes, chances are you will ultimately need a database.

While many have success with Kubernetes-native database deployments, others prefer the benefits of a managed database. When it comes to databases, at Crunchy Data we believe the answer is more often than not Postgres, and the question is how. If you’ve standardized on Kubernetes as your method of deployment, but still want to offload some of the responsibility for keeping your database up and running, we’re excited to announce the Crunchy Bridge Operator for Red Hat OpenShift Database Access (RHODA).

We are proud to have partnered with Red Hat to help simplify access to database services on Kubernetes through the new service, Red Hat OpenShift Database Access.

Today, Red Hat announced an early preview of this new service as an add-on service to OpenShift Dedicated and Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS. OpenShift Database Access provides consistency for how IT operations and developers discover, consume, monitor, and manage databases, including Postgres through the use of Crunchy Bridge.

If you are an OpenShift Dedicated or OpenShift Service on AWS user, we encourage you to give it a spin. You can access RHODA from the Red Hat hybrid cloud console.

Crunchy Bridge is a fully managed Postgres database service from Crunchy Data. Enabling you to provision a production-ready PostgreSQL database in a matter of minutes on your choice of cloud, with the features and benefits of Crunchy Bridge including:

If you want to give it a try, create an account and get started today.

In support of this launch Crunchy Data is offering Crunchy Bridge credits to Red Hat OpenShift Database Access users interested in testing the new service. Contact us to learn more.

RHODA leverages the Kubernetes construct of operators to bind your application cluster to the database instance. To support this new initiative, Crunchy Data collaborated with Red Hat to develop a new Kubernetes Operator for Crunchy Bridge.

For those Kubernetes users who are looking for a self-managed Kubernetes-native database, Crunchy Data of course is here to assist. Crunchy Data has many customers who successfully run Postgres on Kubernetes, through Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes and PGO, providing GitOps friendly workflows for provisioning standardized Postgres clusters and automates high availability, disaster recovery, and monitoring.

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