Sitel Group | A Crunchy Case Study

Sitel Group® runs Crunchy Postgres securely and At scale

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With 160,000 people around the globe – working from home or from one of our CX hubs – we securely connect best-loved brands with their customers over 8 million times every day in 50+ languages. Whether digital or voice-based, our solutions deliver a competitive edge across all customer touchpoints. Our award-winning culture is built on 40+ years of industry-leading experience and commitment to improving the employee experience.

Open source partner wanted

Sitel Group was seeking an open source Postgres solution versus proprietary software. They needed high availability, scalability, security, and to satisfy performance requirements for its Operational Data Store (ODS). The ODS is used for reporting business critical KPIs back to end customers. Sitel’s ODS had files from several different service delivery tools running on Postgres.

The company also needed a long term, trusted PostgreSQL service partner to support current and future endeavors. Sitel chose Crunchy Data to help meet these requirements and utilize the Crunchy High Availability Postgres solution which provides enterprises like Sitel Group with the “always on” data requirements critical to business continuity and success.

Critical infrastructure on autopilot

In addition to the need to move away from a proprietary version of HA Postgres that was not meeting its requirements, Sitel Group was facing a major version upgrade from Postgres 9.6. Sitel leveraged newly installed pgBackRest server to take backups of pre-existing PostgreSQL installations with Crunchy Data automated scripts.

With Crunchy Data’s help, Sitel Group also added critical infrastructure monitoring, which enabled alerts if any issues arise or trends persist. By implementing the Crunchy High Availability PostgreSQL solution, Sitel Group was able to cut down deployment time from weeks to a day. Sitel is now able to run on "autopilot" using automation for infrastructure implementation and maintenance.

Given the size and criticality of the services provided on the platform, there was a real concern of how long it would take to restore it - keeping you up at night. The ability to recover and have the resiliency needed to quickly restore failed components in the HA platform means we can sleep well at night.

Tim GomboldDirector of IT Infrastructure, Sitel Group®

Expanding Crunchy Data across more Sitel Group® services

With native Postgres replication, Crunchy High Availability Postgres supports the variety of strict requirements Sitel Group faces and provides valuable automation to use across other Sitel Group applications. Today, the use case has expanded beyond reporting and now works with Sitel Group Service Delivery Scheduling system.

Tim GomboldDirector of IT Infrastructure, Sitel Group®

Automated Production Ready Postgres

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